Nailing Any Idea Stage Tech and Business Competition (Downloadable MP3s) - One Year Access

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Nailing Any Idea Stage Tech and Business Competition (Downloadable MP3s) - One Year Access

One of the most significant issues as a wannabe entrepreneur and breakthrough tech guru is that it is getting more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd in order both to run a viable business and to get venture capitalist funding.

Out-of-the-box founders even often feel overwhelmed, if they already have the right mindset, when they have to navigate alone through all the things, they think they should implement to be successful.

Wouldn’t you agree it is difficult to know what to do? Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew you could avoid taking a bad decision for yourself and your business? Wouldn’t you agree you don’t want to lose confidence in your ability to make the right decisions? Moreover and most importantly, wouldn’t you like to turn that out-of-the-box idea of yours into a prosperous business you can be proud of?

Well. Our goal at TOPONIVO is to relieve you of the burden of figuring out how to:

  • Nail each and every kind of idea stage tech and business competitions.
  • Ace your first-day pitch on your initial idea to gather the best team.
  • Assess your team members skills, knowledge and involvement to achieve the most in the limited time you have.
  • Draft the very first compelling version of your business model to get valuable feedback from mentors.
  • Handle customer exploration to identify customer segments and their respective pains to ensure product-market fit.
  • Come up with and validate a solution or Minimal Viable Product that encompass your value proposition.
  • Run a competitive analysis in your market to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Estimate the market size, your market shares, and your revenue to have the jury of investors interested in funding your business.
  • Perform an epic final day competition pitch that will move the jury and get you to the next level

Our aim is to allow you that freedom of mind you deserve by making sure that you get the chance to turn your excellent idea into reality, gather an outstanding team and get your idea-stage business funded by the jury of investors!

So... If you are serious about nailing your startup creation, game jam or hackathon competition, the real question is, are you willing to take a chance right now? Are you willing to be able to make the right decisions for your business confidently? Are you willing to get better at business modeling and fundraising? Wouldn’t you agree you deserve to have a chance to bring your business or tech idea into life? Do you really want to be proud of what you achieved by impacting the world in your own specific and unique way?

Well. Then, take the leap, enroll in our “Idea Stage StartUp Creation And Hackathon Competitions” online course and live the life you’ve always dreamt of living! Do it! Right now!