Catching Up With The Crypto Crowd (Downloadable Videos) - One Year Access

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Catching Up With The Crypto Crowd (Downloadable Videos) - One Year Access

One of the most significant issues in our fast-paced evolving digital world is that it is getting more and more challenging to keep up with all the impactful breakthroughs that affect our way of life and our future.

Sharp people have already grasped what the crypto and blockchain revolution will bring to our societies, our businesses, and our families. If you are here, you have to have understood that you have to stay up to date. However, it can quickly become overwhelming to navigate alone through all those innovations. Moreover, you will most definitely agree that when we are overwhelmed, we tend to make bad decisions. Those decisions affect in turn our confidence, our financial condition, and our freedom.

Wouldn’t you agree it is difficult to know what to do? Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew you could avoid taking a bad decision for yourself and your business? Wouldn’t you agree you don’t want to lose confidence in your ability to make the right decisions? Also, and most importantly, wouldn’t you like to finally catch up with the crypto investor and blockchain enthusiast crowd?

Well. Our goal at TOPONIVO is to relieve you of the burden of figuring out stuff about:

  • What the blockchain is, its privacy and security, use cases and features
  • What smart contracts are, their purposes and features and what Dapps are
  • What the differences are between tokens, coins, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains as well as what ICOs are
  • What the differences between encrypting and hashing are as well as what public and private keys, wallets and backup phrases are
  • What the many consensus mechanisms are and how a miner mines a block on a blockchain
  • What an open source environment is and what forks and snapshots are
  • Why knowing your numbers is not optional and why marketcap is not enough
  • What basic security measures you should at least take
  • What common red-flag events about any cryptocurrency you should at least once be warned against
  • What you should consider doing
  • What you should consider not doing
  • How to set things up. Cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, portfolio tracking, and tax reporting

Our aim is to allow you that freedom of mind you deserve by making sure that you feel up to date with the latest blockchain and crypto trends!

So. If you are serious about catching up with the crypto crowd, the real question is, are you willing to take a chance right now? Are you willing to understand it all? Wouldn’t you agree you deserve to have an opportunity to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime revolution?

Well. Then, take the leap, enroll in our “Catching Up With The Crypto Crowd” online course and live the life you’ve always dreamt of living! Do it! Right now!